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  • A person of noble birth
  • The Blue Bloods series is a vampire novel series by Melissa de la Cruz that takes place in Manhattan, New York. There are currently four books: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, and The Van Alen Legacy. The fifth book, Misguided Angel is set to be released on October 26, 2010.
  • (blue-blooded) aristocratic: belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy; “an aristocratic family”; “aristocratic Bostonians”; “aristocratic government”; “a blue family”; “blue blood”; “the blue-blooded aristocracy”; “of gentle blood”; “patrician landholders of the American
  • Blue Bloods, formerly titled Reagan’s Law, is an upcoming American drama series that has been ordered to series by CBS.
  • Noble birth


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wiki blue bloods

wiki blue bloods – Ruby's Bucket

Ruby's Bucket of Blood
Ruby's Bucket of Blood
Set against the backdrop of the Louisiana bayou in 1960, this shattering drama stars Angela Bassett as Ruby, a tough bar owner with a philandering husband. After her star performer quits, Ruby hires Billy, a married white singer whom she quickly falls for. Together, the pair embarks on a relationship that changes the course of both their lives. With Kevin Anderson, Brian Stokes Mitchell. 95 min. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1; interviews; filmographies; photo gallery.

+++Blue Blood+++ Suomi

+++Blue Blood+++ Suomi
Outfit: Blue Blood, Suomi
Skin: Redgrave, Moon
Headpiece: Evie’s Closet
Hair: Exile, Breeze
Eyes: Poetic Colors, Summer
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots

The Moon~ Be neutral and follow your inner light.

(Submited for TBC’s Tarot Card Contest~The Moon)

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ SheDevil

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ SheDevil
Gown: +++BLUE BLOOD+++, SheDevil GREEN, Lucky Board
Matching Jewelry: Unique Needs, Lucky Board
Hair: Bish: Get Forward, Black (L$225)
Skin: Loring Linda 01A(Lazolli) (free)
Pose: PeppermintBlue
Location: Beek Dode Zee

wiki blue bloods

Be Mine Tonight (The Brotherhood of Blood, Book 1)
I am called Chapel . . .
For nearly six centuries I have roamed the night, a mortal man no longer. Would that I could undo the past — when I entered the sanctuary of the Knights Templar to wrest from them the Holy Grail, only to discover the chalice I raised to my lips was not the sacred relic but a hellish cup of damnation. Now I shun the day and all things human, driven by an ungodly thirst. And yet…
Never have I known a maiden the like of Prudence Ryland, whose beauty and spirit awaken a heart I feared long cold and dead. But her young life is slipping away, and she also seeks the deliverance of the Grail — unaware that the cost of her search could be her soul. I must help Prudence, for in six hundred years, no other woman has stirred my passions so. But dare I tender to my beloved that which she most desires — the sensuous “gift” of forever that is both rapture and a curse: my immortal kiss?